Here’s the crazy thing: If you’re going out in a dress that makes you look like you’re wearing your Halloween costume — an Oscar statuette, obvs — and that you’ve had it on SINCE Halloween,  then you need to SELL IT, facially:

I feel like Kerry Washington is kind of like, “is this…? Am…I? Sure, right? Um…? Yes! Yes? I don’t know. Can I go now? Did you get the shot? I need to go check in on what’s happening on Top Model, so….? Right.” And that’s leaving aside the fact that this style of dress traditionally leaves me totally cold — it’s sort of like a shapeless holiday wine bag.

On the other hand, I LOVE wine, so:

  • this is like bad boxed wine: I'll pass every time. (44%, 2,952 Votes)
  • this is like Two Buck Chuck: better than it ought to be, but not great. (43%, 2,874 Votes)
  • this is like a bottle of fine French Deliciousness. I embrace it! (12%, 812 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,640

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