I am beginning to wonder if I am incapable of being unbiased about Biel right now. Not because of any silly (or not-so-silly) Timberlake rumors or because every time I read an interview with her, I kind of roll my eyes, but because I am so pleased she’s finally lost those wretched bangs for good, and now I keep being reminded that she is so very very pretty:

I think this is Chanel — I believe this is at least a Chanel-adjacent event, as El Lagerfeld was in the house and it LOOKS like Chanel and also I believe her clutch has the Chanel Intertwined Cs Bedazzeled Upon It, and essentially, it has to be Chanel. I just convinced myself. Aren’t you excited you got to live through my live-blogging my decision whether or not something is Chanel?! You’re so lucky. Anyway, it’s….interesting. I don’t know if the shoulder piece/necklace is part of the dress, or an add-on (I assume it’s part and parcel), and if the dress itself were to end in shorts, it’d be uncomfortably close to a romper last seen on Suzanne Somers on Three’s Company, but as a whole it feels weird in a way that’s sort of fresh. As opposed to weird in a way that is rancid.

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