I might be in love with Ciara now, if only because this photo so completely encapsulates what we often wonder about celebs who wear insanely short skirts:

How do they sit down? VERY CAREFULLY.  Also, someone’s stylist did not take into account that she would be sitting, and that someone is Ciara. Look at Beth Behrs there, all, “I can’t believe I’m hosting the People’s Choice Awards, but that’s what you get when the devil you sold your soul to turns around and leases it to CBS, like a shady sub-prime lender. At least I’m wearing pants!” But one must give points to Ciara for obviously finding the whole situation amusing (and for not flashing us her nethers). Let’s take a look at it as it was clearly meant to be seen:

Yeah. That’s not a skirt. It might be giant granny panties or the bottom half of a small giant’s rather sexy bikini or some very aggressive black napkins, but a skirt, it is not.

[Photos: WENN]

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