In general, the big ol’ demi-sheer blouse isn’t tops on my list.

But Elizabeth Olsen is kinda making it work in a, well, Olseny kind of way. I don’t like the shoes, really, and the overall aesthetic is perhaps a tad dated but not old enough to be retro. But the makeup and hair are great, and I like the idea of one major accessory as an accent piece to the blank canvas of the shirt. And, holy cats, can we just talk about how STRONGLY whoever’s DNA it is runs in that gene pool? They could pass as triplets. She really does seem like a diluted version of the other two — they’re more layered, more kooky, more extreme; she’s a bit softer, a bit simpler, but not without flair. Although, now that I’ve said “flair,” all I can think of when I see her necklace is that scene from Office Space where Jennifer Aniston gets chastised by her boss at faux-Fridays for not wearing enough pieces of flair. I wonder if this would have counted as one piece of flair, or several. Sometimes the science of flair is just too technical for me.


  • Well, SHE is pretty. (81%, 7,603 Votes)
  • No, the whole THING is pretty! (19%, 1,738 Votes)

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