I really love looking at our sales analytics and seeing what hit Fug Nation’s fancy in any passing month. (Overall, y’all love Nordstrom, but you also love Etsy.) Here’s the top ten items folks bought in February — it will not surprise you to see that we’ve got some Valentine’s-y items in the mix.

10. This tiny heart locket is really sweet.

9. A nice stripe-y cardigan like this one truly is a forever-yes purchase.

8. Some of you are looking forward to spring in this (very cute!!) floral dress from Nordstrom.  I hope you get to wear it to some fun and safe event!

7. I am also proud of everyone who bought these J.Crew cords, as they are real pants, and buying them – like buying a dress — feels like an act of optimism to me! (I also own them and have in fact worn them once, out of the house, to a doctor’s appointment, and it was a thrill.)

6. Who doesn’t love a throw blanket covered in tiny hearts?!?!

5. True & Co’s bras ALWAYS sell well for us (hey, I have several myself) and this month, the Valentine’s Day red one really hit right, apparently.

4. Eileen Fisher’s slouchy crepe pants have real staying power, as they were on this list last month too. I’m here for everyone’s journey into Eileen Fisherville. (Those look like they’re about to be sold out, but these are similar.)

3. These heart-covered Target mugs are SO cute, it’s true.

2. You all are still are in the market for soft pants, like these very reasonably priced Target sweatpants.

1. And, finally, you were VERY interested in Victorian snake rings — I linked to them on Etsy. (This all came about because Queen Victoria had one.)

Like most websites, GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we earn a little money if you click through and buy something. We can assure you that all items were personally chosen while we sat around drinking Diet Coke and watching The Sopranos.