This was a fun one to rediscover. Back in 2009, when this happened, I referred to Tom and Lorenzo as “the hilariously wise wizards of Project Rungay,” which is what their blog was called at the time. I stand by “hilariously wise wizards.” They are all of those things. Anyway, they ID’d this as being from Project Runway runner-up Rami’s final collection; fashion IDs were not as common back then, and this was a year later, so big props to their memories. I blank out on things that happened yesterday.

It’s a great example of how we mellow and change over time. I liked the workmanship then, as I do now, but my big beef was the shoulder potholders. Now, I look at it and think it’s creative and cool and pretty, and my only question is whether it would — GET READY, you know it’s coming — be better in a non-taupe color (as opposed to taupe, a non-color). But even that objection isn’t entirely real, because the runway version had a gold shimmer. Perhaps Malin is just standing in unfortunate, taupe-ening lighting… BUT AGAIN, looking at the runway version, the clearer view of it makes the pelvic stitching and workmanship more distracting. Or is that just because she’s walking in it, and Malin is standing still? So much to consider, and tops among them is whether this is a dress that makes the transition from runway to real (“real”) life. Me? I think Malin looks pretty good, but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Tweak it to your hearts’ content; be the wise wizards we want to see in the world.

[Photo: Getty]