So, last week I did a round-up of just, like, cute things that made me happy, and WOW did a lot of you click through to this dollhouse. You also clicked through with great enthusiasm to THIS little dollhouse. I did not expect this, but it was delightful to me, and it also makes sense: These are so cute and it’s the holidays and we’re all locked inside, so why NOT get really into miniatures? Like, do I need this tiny house to live in one of my plants?!??! ┬áTo quote one of the reviews on the tiny tiny succulents I included in the widget: “This is the most unnecessary thing I have purchased on Etsy, but it is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!”

Anyway, with no further ado (and the caveat that this round-up might be ever-so-slightly unhinged), here are some cute tiny items:

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