This is another post by reader request and I am happy to continue to help you buy more flat and comfortable shoes! I will note that I am not a sneakerhead — but if you are, you already know that and you are not turning to me for suggestions! (However, if you are, we’re always interested in what you’re currently buying and coveting!) I’m also not a person who is any sort of exercise-expert, so these are definitely not proper workout shoes. I’m just scampering around in my Vejas (which, as I’ve noted before, did take me a full year to wear in and I also had to trim the tongue because it was insanely long and ergo painful? It was worth it but honestly perhaps too much work) and I recently picked up these very VERY comfy retro-looking Reebok.

As we all crawl toward a post-pandemic future (?????????), it does feel like a lot of women are very much saying “nah” to non-flat shoes. (I’ve worn a pair of heeled lug-sole boots but that’s it; I own a lot of heels that I love aesthetically but like…I don’t know if my feet do that anymore.) It will be interesting to see how this pans out, in terms of trends. While we wait and see…..enjoy:

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