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I like Demi Lovato SO MUCH and she has made some CHOICES THIS YEAR. She works with Law Roach, who is a great stylist, and who I think perhaps is overruled a lot OR he’s just throwing stuff at the wall with her to see what sticks. Her archives are a TREAT. In case you were wondering, this did not stick (although her head looks GREAT). Neither did this (although I’m sort of obsessed with how much she looks like Kyle Richards lately. I sincerely cannot wait for Demi to find her Maurico, because he is the best of the Househusbands and she deserves a good man). This might have stuck if she’d worn some kind of top with it? This fell off the wall and into a boiling cauldron of molten hot magma:


As Heather pointed out in the previous round, Demi has a very bad track record with pants. It’s like she won’t just wear standard issue trousers (whereas she often looks totally cute and charming in your standard issue dress situation). Like, this seems like a dress BUT NO IT’S PANTS:


Although her head/face/hair look fab. Also:

The Jingle Ball 2017 - Arrivals


Also to be filed under WHAT?!?!

Z100's Jingle Ball 2017

This one feels like it requires JUST PUNCTUATION, like so:

103.5 KISS FM's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2017 - Arrivals and Show


And of course we cannot forget this, a look which would have landed her in Fug Madness if it were the only thing she wore all year:

2017 Jingle Ball - , FL, Sunrise, USA - 17 Dec 2017

Oh Demi. Whatever were you thinking?

She HAS made non-pants mistakes, however. This feels like an error in judgement:

Demi Lovato attends her 'Tell Me You Love Me' album release party

This clearly didn’t go as planned:

Demi Lovato waves to her fans at 'Good Morning America'

I feel like many people would, when faced with this match-up, would give up. But I don’t think Chloe Sevigny is a quitter. I also just came across this factoid when writing this piece and I wanted to re-up it, because it makes me laugh: “I read a Blind Item the other day that implied that Chloe Sevigny has a habit of getting drunk at parties and going around and enumerating her grievances, as if every event is a fresh Festivus just waiting for its feats of strength. Frankly, I support this. Not because I necessarily think an unbridled grievance airing is a great idea, but mostly because I think it sounds like a great way to enliven an otherwise boring party.” Is THIS one of the grievances?


This grieves ME:

People arriving at the Saint Laurent show during PFW

This may have grieved her bosom:

Los Angeles premiere of The Orchard's 'The Dinner'

There has been a formal grievance filed against this blazer by the National Institute of Sleeves:


And this romper is a WALKING GRIEVANCE.


Here are Chloe’s archives. NOW TO THE POLLS!

Whose fug reigns supreme?

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  • (9) Chloe Sevigny (12%, 595 Votes)

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This may be the only time these two compete against each other…is what I typed before I really thought about it and then I realized that J. Lo could very well make a movie in a couple of years where she plays someone sad and unglamorous and the Academy decides to reward her for that kind of bravery (and also I think it’s easy to forget this but Jennifer is NOT a bad actor). Like, do I think La Lopez is going to win an acting Oscar? No. But do I think she might one day play a tragic woman who wears no makeup and has terrible things happen to her, and then get lauded for her courage in not dealing with her brows or whatever with a nomination? TOTALLY. So they may meet again. I hope she wears this when they do:

Until then, let’s start with Jennifer’s efforts for the year:

Billboard Latin Music Awards - Arrivals

JENNIFER! (I do love her.)

This photo is really funny. I am sure this is not what’s happening, but she looks like she’s saying, “UGH WHY am I in this shot with HER?! Is she drawing focus from my coffee filter skirt?”

'World of Dance' Press Junket

Here, she’s so relaxed because she’s like, “I am NOT concerned that A Rod is distracting from my napkin gown.”

Jennifer Lopez in concert at BASE Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 16 Nov 2017

She knows she’s the star there.

Here, I feel like she was a bit concerned her crotch might be the star; thank god for artfully placed clutches.


Hola, lover.

Here are J Lo’s archives.

Over to Andrea (here are her archives).  She’s fascinating. We’ve noted multiple times that she is unrecognizable, and I read an article last year where someone asked us about that (not about us specifically), and she was sort of sad about it, but I think a serious actress being unrecognizable is a good thing. She looked absolutely great at the Met Gala — and like a totally different person here:

'The Death of Stalin' film premiere, London, UK - 17 Oct 2017

We originally called that dress “creatively terrifying” and I think that’s true. It’s neat…and also you can see her underpants and it has a face.

She looked like a groovy and reasonable creative executive at Sundance, but that’s not how I’d qualify this Oscars look:

Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals

Somewhere, Chloe Sevigny is looking at these sleeves with SO MUCH ENVY:


There is something about this dress is very beautiful, but it also feels a bit like extremely expensive maternity wear for an heiress:


And this:

Film Festival Awards, London, United Kingdom - 14 Oct 2017

Before we vote, I need to explicate to you what this IS. It is a sheer formal gown, layered over thigh-high purple boots and what I literally think is a beige shape-wear. LITERALLY SHAPE-WEAR, like Spanx. WHY.

Ready to vote?

Whose fug reigns supreme?

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  • (4) Andrea Riseborough (26%, 1,248 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,750

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