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Bella Thorne has been a favorite to win this whole darn thing, and with good reason. I didn’t expect her to meet with such a big challenge so early on, but Hailey Baldwin seems poised to make it very very challenging indeed for Bella to land in the Sweet 16. In the last round we saw the sheer jumpsuit she wore to the VMAs — the back view is basically underpants — and she kept that theme going in the press room:

MTV VMA Awards 2017 Press Room

She also memorably wore one of the most hideous dresses of the entire Golden Globes weekend:

19th Annual Post-Golden Globes Party hosted by Warner Bros. Pictures and InStyle at The Beverly Hilton Hotel



It’s not ALL sheers with her, believe it or not. At Cannes she wore a blue gown with a pelvic ruffle, although the weirdest part of THAT is that somehow her neck looks twice as long as usual? And this outfit had enough extra fabric that the shirt gave itself a low ponytail.

She also mixed her plaids…

The BRIT Awards 2018 - Warner Music Group after party

… and wore a romper that looks like she’s aiming to be Miss September in a twelve-month NASCAR pit-crew-themed calendar:

Love Magazin Party at Lou Lou London

And she even wore…. I’m not even sure. Space pants?

Hailey Baldwin leaving the Shangri-La hotel

So, she’s not ALLERGIC to fabric. She just doesn’t deploy it any better than she does the transparent stuff. And in the last round we saw this suit, which she paired with a blue bra, because of course. Bras are the new shirts! Didn’t you hear?

Bella heard.


Bella, in fact, may have WRITTEN that particular memo.


Please note up there that she’s clearly at some random house party. Paparazzi agencies generally don’t show up INSIDE people’s backyards unless they’re invited.


There are a whole lot more where these came from, like this bra shirt that wraps around her torso, or the one with the baseball-style jersey approximation that’s hanging open, or the bikini top with the eyeball sweatpants, or this formal version:


As formalwear goes, we also saw a Paco Rabanne thing that looks like an ad for the slow spread of venereal disease. And then this:


It SEEMS semi-reasonable until you notice that it’s actually sheer webbing most of the way down, and that her fake eyelashes seem to be weighing down her lids. She makes them look so heavy. Indeed, Bella’s hair and makeup has often been a huge part of the problem. To put it another way, her head-suit is not her strong suit. Aside from the ridiculous outfit, these tinted aviators are not her best look. (I thought she was Emma Roberts for a second, which may have just given severe existential chills to Emma Roberts.)


That is also an aggressive hair and makeup situation, although a fishnet bodystocking is also pretty freaking intense on its own. I BELIEVE she wore this while promoting season one of her Freeform show, Famous In Love. Although she seems to love fishnets in particular, as she paired some with these bizarrely home-cut (I assume) jorts. And also this. So it’s not ALL bra shirts.

But there is a healthy dose of bodysuits:


And one cropped sweatshirt from which a large amount of underboob slipped out, both while leaving her hotel and at the fashion show she attended in it. Oh, God, and we haven’t even REVISITED the pants with the peekaboo hole. Or the beige t-shirt so thin that we saw the outlines of all her piercings and some pubis. Or her lace-up pants and tube top! Or:


I mean. This could go all day unless I stop myself now.

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This is an interesting one: a battle between someone who tries to keep menswear whimsical, versus someone who seems to take her fashion Very Seriously even when it veers goofy. Let us play.

Chris may have had a goofier time of it near the end of the last eligibility period, though he has carried over one favorite accessory: the mismatched glasses.

Those pop up a LOT, and while he has slowly deployed them with more distinguished outfits — so that’s less Whimsy Overload — they are still wackadoo.

GQ Men of the Year Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 07 Dec 2017

This suit will be eligible again next year, because he just re-wore it on a talk show. I find that endearing. He just really loves it, y’all. Hey, it’s better than anything Gucci has given to Jared Leto, that’s for sure. I really do think the trick for Chris is balancing all the intriguing stuff with the feeling that he might be exhausting as a person.

The 69th Emmy Awards

There are worse qualities than being Always On, that’s for sure, but it doesn’t make it any less tiring. Though I bet the photographers love it, because it’s actually something new to do.

23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards

He DOES seem like a real card, I’ll tell ya.

Embed from Getty Images



And of course, as you might recall from the last round, Chris eventually kicked off his sandals and padded around the red carpet barefoot. Foot fungus is no joke, sir. Tread carefully.

If Chris Sullivan could raid Diane Kruger’s closet, I think there are a couple items he’d gladly take, actually. Like this entire thing:


She wore that for a big anniversary photoshoot at Cannes, which… it’s tough enough to be documented in that on a normal day, but for a major historical milestone, I think at the VERY LEAST I would have left the 3D glasses at home for Chris Sullivan to steal.


Chris also might appreciate the costumey nature of that shirt, which reminds me always of the Playboy bunny. It’s really unflattering on her torso. And Diane wore a dress with the same problem. It’s reasonable in theory, but it’s cut so far into her chest that it gives her a weird shape that she does not actually have.


That thing is just all twisted up and a huge High Fashion Mess. I believe it’s Prabal, a guy who’s done a lot of wonderful things with/for her over the years, but that’s far too up in its own pedigree and has lost sight of the fact that it’s hideous.

'AFI Filmmakers', Arrivals, AFI Fest, Los Angeles, USA - 10 Nov 2017

I like both of these colorful pieces, but don’t think they should be paired. (Chris would probably disagree with me, but I suspect we’ve proven Chris isn’t a reliable source.)

'In the Fade' film premiere, Hamburg, Germany - 21 Nov 2017

Yikes. So MUCH. JUST SO MUCH. Diane loves A Whole Lot Of Look, as we also saw in this Vuitton ensemble that looks like armor worn with green leather pants. And did this jacket really NEED all that ticklish metal fringe at the end? No! No, it did not. Get me a scissors.

NY Premiere of

This needed to make better choices. It’s like the Twilight series: Don’t just pick one love interest; milk them both as long as possible and then write around it in a CRAZY WAY so that your heroine never has to choose.

New York Premiere of

And you may recall that those sleeves, while they look merely ruffled, are actually SPLIT OPEN. And this red dress is aggressive! And this is leather shorts AND a skirt, because once again, why choose! This Monse looks like someone got mad and threw gold paint on her! And there’s secret side-pizza and pelvic potholders and large semi-detached sleeves! It’s more! It’s SO MUCH! ALWAYS SO MUCH!

19th Annual Post-Golden Globes Party hosted by Warner Bros. Pictures and InStyle at The Beverly Hilton Hotel


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