I mean, look: It’s a loose definition of “better.” She is still eschewing proper shirts, more defiantly here because she’s GOT one and has just chosen not to button it. In fact, she’s basically using a necklace and a bra to create the illusion of an actual top, and… I don’t even know. But unbelievably that IS a step forward from her last, and I like her sneakers, so that’s a small miracle.

It does also give us a chance to address a concern from our last post about her, namely why we are still covering her if she is such a hot mess. I understand where that’s coming from, and I’ve asked myself half in jest whether we should be worried, but at the same time: It’s all conjecture. It may be well-intentioned, but we have to remember that we have NO IDEA what the truth of any of it is. Is she a hot mess? No idea. She may dress like one at times, but for all we know, that’s calculated to get maximum attention — you may think this is cynical, but in this town you hardly ever know a person’s truth because everything from pictures to People stories can be bought — or it might be a rebellious phase because she’s an ex-Disney star. Or, maybe it’s her truest inner self, and she just lets it all fly out when she isn’t shooting something. Maybe she is shooting something. No idea. But as best I can tell, there are no rumors that Bella can’t keep it together professionally; no intimations that she’s a problem at work or fails to show up for her commitments. She is not, as far as we can tell and hopefully never, the next Amanda Bynes or the next Britney Spears or even so far the next Lindsay Lohan. So we’re going to keep doing what we do, the way we do it for everyone else, until there is a very good confirmed reason for easing up on ye olde throttle. We’re not trying to be callous. It’s just… if we ascribe that sort of stuff here, it’s a slippery slope. Thanks for understanding.

[Photo: Backgrid]