Thank you, universe. Not long ago, after the display Leona Lewis put on in her own creations, some retailer would’ve handed her a check for millions to design mass-produced boob-lips and tube tops. Mercifully, although 2011 has been a brutish year for almost everyone I know, we were NOT subjected to that travesty and so Leona seems to have moved on:

I love that her face now looks again like it is a real face, and her make up is good, and the red bag and shoes and lippy are a great way to liven up a white dress. But do I really want her to liven up THIS white dress?

Well, to start, her shoes suddenly look ENORMOUS in this shot. And I don’t always have anything against fringe, but when does fringe become a tassel? I think possibly right here. I’m not sure whether to congratulate her skirt on getting seventy bachelors degrees in humanities, or whether I should just encourage it to go home and sleep for a week.


  • Congrats to this dress for being AWESOME (17%, 1,008 Votes)
  • Congrats to this dress for not being any of those other dresses she wore (67%, 3,927 Votes)
  • Congrats to this dress for NOTHING. I hate it. (15%, 891 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,828

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