So, in theory, I really love this.

It’s cute, it’s colorful, I love a stripe, it’s good for any season because you could throw on some black tights with it and look just as lovely, etc. BUT, here is my question: If all the structure and the blocks of competing stripes and whatnot make Camilla Belle — tiny wee Camilla Belle — look wide, then what is it going to do to the other 99.9 percent of us who all have structure of our own? I don’t want to go to Target in September for some (relatively) cheap and cheerful Missoni and come away hating my hips. I get enough of that from shopping for bathing suits. Don’t take me back there, Target. Don’t do it. I JUST GOT THROUGH THAT.


  • It's so cute! Maybe a case-by-case basis? (43%, 4,417 Votes)
  • It's doesn't make her look wide at all. Are you just maybe tired? (11%, 1,130 Votes)
  • No buts. It's never going to work. (46%, 4,744 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,293

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[Photo: Splash News]