I have a long-established fondness for pink and red together — I realize this looks very much like a Valentine, but while I kind of think Valentine’s Day is dumb (because I am the Enemy of Love, doncha know?), I actually LOVE Valentine’s Day paraphernalia. Actually, they’re probably about to start stocking heart-covered undies at Target RIGHT NOW, so I better wrap this up and get over there to stock up.

On the other hand, while I also love Christmas trees, I don’t want to WEAR ONE.

What do you think?

  • Fantastic. (22%, 3,484 Votes)
  • Terrible. (35%, 5,477 Votes)
  • I like them SEPARATELY, but not together. (20%, 3,166 Votes)
  • I covet the pants, but with another top. That top! MY EYES! (16%, 2,472 Votes)
  • I love the top, but I am enraged at the pants. (8%, 1,225 Votes)

Total Voters: 15,826

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