In fairness, ANYTHING would look like a competent waxwork compared to the HORRID MONSTROSITY that was the Selena Gomez Waxwork. I suspect there is a reason Selena did not pose with hers, and that reason is because she would be making a horrified face. It would have been just as entertaining as this, although in a wholly different way:

Am I crazy, or is that a decent facsimile of Lord Grantham? (I suppose it helps that they’ve put him in a most basic suit — a SIMPLE TUXEDO that Lord G wouldn’t even deign to wear to dig around for his lost Gutenberg Bible — and not some ridiculous frippery, not that the classic tuxedo helped when they ruined Prince William.) It’s possible that I am just charmed by Hugh Bonneville’s shenanigans.

But of course you’d like to see the entire thing:

He looks vaguely as if he’d be unable to raise his hands — not even to rip a Nazi off his daughter’s lover’s body, nor to beat up a pig farmer who’s absconded with his secret grandchild — but the face is right on. Where were you when Selena Gomez needed you!?

[Photos: Getty]