Olivia was another pretty clear choice for this, given that there was a tipping point not that long ago where suddenly references to her song “Driver’s License” were everywhere — including on Saturday Night Live. Like so much of pop-culture in the current era, sometimes it hits you so hard and fast that you can’t even look it up before the tide goes out again, and then you just never do bother. (I still haven’t made it to Bridgerton.) That’s what this was for me. So I looked up the song on YouTube, and both it and the video are amusingly steeped in the teen melodrama (aided by a child’s tiny keyboard) that would have absolutely slayed me when I was her age. She’s driving through the suburbs! Alone past his street! RED LIGHT! STOP SIGN! This would totally have been on a mix tape in my Walkman, while I stared out the bus window.

She’s certainly got the pipes — she’s also on the High School Musical series — AND managed to bake some light Swiftian intrigue into the piece (there are many Internet theories about the boy and the older blond), so kudos to her. It’s a way more fun way to light the Internet on fire than any of the stuff the Kardashians do. But the photo shoot… it feels a little like, “Brought to you by all the selfies she could think of to take while alone in her room.” It’s not particularly compelling or cohesive, but she’s young; she’ll have several chances. I’d be shocked if she didn’t turn up on Cosmo in 6-9 months. Let’s see if they can resist making her pose with food near her mouth. (Here’s a link to the story.)

[Photos: Petra Collins for Elle; the May 2021 issue of Elle is on newsstands May 4]