SPOILER: As evidenced by the photo I used up there, Colman Domingo won our Best Dressed poll — and by a pretty decent margin, too, over runner-up Marlee Matlin. It’s a legit win: She did look glorious, but so did he, in a Versace that was both flashy and joyful. Neither of which apply to the dubious winner of Worst Dressed…

93rd Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 25 Apr 2021

… which goes to this totally uninspired Gucci, which is not only boring but looks so poorly executed that I think it’s pinching Vanessa Kirby’s skin slightly through the midriff hole. The styling was too harsh with it, as well; this was a runaway victory for Vanessa over the artlessly bewigged Halle Berry. [By the way, Halle and her stylist made a big deal out of telling everyone last week that it was a wig, which (a) of course it was, I don’t think anyone believed Halle did this to her hair PERMANENTLY, and (b) goes to show they were 100 percent aware of the Ramona Quimby comparisons.] Andra Day placed a distant third. Nobody else even cracked double-digit percentages, and that is right and correct to me, for whatever that’s worth. AND SO! Our first best/worst of the pandemic in the books, hopefully with many more around the corner. I also accidentally wrote “moore” which made it look like I was saying, “Hopefully with Mandy Moore around the corner,” and let’s be real, that is ALSO true. I will take some bad OR good Mandy Moore at her earliest convenience. I miss ALL OF THE PEOPLE.

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