First: This is CUTE. (It’s by Aritzia and it was on SUPER sale, but I think it’s sold out.) I love seeing her in color, and the contrasting Manolos are delightful to me. (I am likewise covetous of her hair but you should just assume I always feel that way.) The eagle-eyed royal watchers on Twitter think it’s this same purple dress she wore when she was pregnant.)

Second: this was the opening summit of something called “One Young World,” which is, per its Wiki page, “a UK-based not-for-profit organization that gathers young leaders from around the world to develop solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.”  Meghan has been involved with this organization since 2014, longer than she’s even known Harry. It must be nice for her to have something that’s important to her from her previous life still afoot in this one; the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust has partnered up with One Young World this year, and I have to think that was at her suggestion.

This dress moves very nicely:

This is a fun re-wear — as you guys know, I always enjoy seeing something styled anew. It’s interesting.

(Finally: ICYMI, though you probably didn’t, there has been ample discussion of the Sussexes’ recent documentary in this week’s Royals Round-Up; feel free to catch up there if you feel the need. It obviously hasn’t aired here in the US yet!)

[Photos: Karwai Tang/WireImage, David Fisher/Shutterstock]