She also confirmed that Baby Sussex is due in late April. What a productive outing for us all!

Harry and Meghan went to Birkenhead today for the usual round of Royal Shenanigans: admiring statutes, meeting babies, revealing tiny plaques.  Observing baby dancers:

Popping by soothing knitting and flower-arranging organizations:

(Flower-arranging IS soothing, this is a fact.)

Here’s a shot of Meghan with her coat off, because I didn’t get any, which is also soothing. The dress, I mean, not that I didn’t get any shots of her without the coat:

All good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff, I hear you wondering: BUT WHAT IS SHE WEARING? Dear reader, I can tell you. Her dress is by Babaton for Aritzia, and it was like $45 dollars, but now it is sold out — which I learned when Aritzia emailed to tell me all this and to which I say THANK YOU for making my job easier, Aritzia.  (That link goes to a whole page they set up of similar dresses, because they are smart.) The coat is by Canadian fave Sentaler and I can’t find it in red anywhere (Saks has it in camel), which is for the best because I love it and I do not need a $1300 coat. Because someone will ask, the shoes are Stuart Weitzman (a classic) and the (very very cute) bag is Gabriela Hearst. Let’s take a closer look.

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