Y’all, we have SO much to cover today. Max and Wax are in India, with glamorous results! Philippe and Mathilde (they need jaunty nicknames too. Maybe a portmanteau: Phililde? Mathilippe?) are visiting Luxembourg. The Queen came out and opened Parliament and looked very cranky about it. AND OTHER THINGS.

Wills and Kate finished up their trip to Pakistan, and you can catch up with all of that here.

Oh, also Meghan and Harry came out this week for the WellChild awards, and she re-wore her engagement dress!

Other interesting things to divert you:

I enjoyed this piece about royal tour fashion, at Maclean’s.

This was fun, at The Kitchn: I Ate Like a Member of the British Royal Family for a Week and Here’s What Happened

Really interesting, at The Telegraph: How Norman Hartnell changed royal fashion forever

I enjoyed this at Glamour:  A Brief History of Royals Wearing Denim

This is the content we want, at Marie Claire: Prince Charles’s Former Harpist Anne Denholm Shares What It’s Like to Work for the Royal Family

Harry and Meghan filmed a documentary while they were in South Africa; it’s airing in the US on October 23rd. It seems like they talk a bit about their current emotional state in it (although I assume the bulk of the doc is actually about the work they did in South Africa; the personal parts are always going to be what gets pulled to get people to watch it). Here’s part of the teaser:

I have huge sympathy for her — I think marrying into the British Royal Family is probably culture shock, at best, under the best of circumstances, and these have been far from the best of circumstances for them; Harry, relatedly, seems to be having a lot of anxiety, which is covered in another teaser for this piece. I honestly would not be surprised if they chose to move to California, at least part time. (I understand why they married as quickly as they did — and it was hugely romantic, of course — but I also think they’re both suffering from the fact that Meghan didn’t really know what it would be like to be part of this family until after she’d already joined it. ) I will be interested to see how this goes over in the UK.

And, on social media:

This is cute:


Good for Sophie:

Also good for Sophie:

These are some good patterns:

She always looks so COMPETENT:

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