If various aspects of this look seem familiar to you, it is because the whole look is a repeat! (I always like seeing old stuff re-styled; I think it’s interesting and, obviously, this is also how normal people dress.) The dress, of course, is the one she wore when they announced their engagement; we’ve seen the (gorgeous) coat previously but most memorably at Christmas two years ago; and she wears those cognac-colored heels a lot, to the point where I now wonder if I need them. The whole color story of this look is very luxe and autumnal and pretty to me; those shoes are perfect. (The bag is cute and new, by a brand called Montunas; Meghan continues to be excellent at purses. It has a scarf for a handle!)

I can also confirm to you, as you’ll see within, that she did take off her coat when she got inside, which is a blessing, because this Tossed Over The Shoulders style is VERY DIFFICULT to negotiate without a Coat Sliding Off Your Body situation cropping up.

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