Every year, the wonderful TV writer Margaret Lyons asks which TV shows people have divorced over the past twelve months. This year, my answer was that I broke up with Divorce in the middle of an episode, when I realized that I only wanted to watch it if SJP murders Thomas Hayden Church’s character at the end of the season, and gets away with it. This is not SJP’s fault — she is, to me, like Jennifer Aniston in that when I see her in movies, I am generally neutral, but when I find her on my TV, my reaction is usually, “OH I LIKE THIS PERSON SO MUCH.” That show is simply Not For Me.  Regardless, I just want her to be happy, and also maybe for her not to be wearing this? Should she just…lose the jacket? Is she wearing too many necklaces? Is she also just thinking too deeply about whether or not her new show should take a surprising turn toward the murder-y? Let’s get to work here.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]