It used to be that a Rodarte made me bang my head against my desk. Then we got the rare but still real category of, “Oh wow, that’s a SHOCKINGLY GREAT RODARTE,” such as this one on Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Now a third one has snuck in, which is, “That is… not the worst Rodarte I’ve ever seen…?” And I’m filing this dress there. It has a bit of a Homemade Valentine feel, as if someone took it upon themselves to make their OWN flower sculpture rather than leave it to the pros. And the labia-framing skirt — it’s seriously a wedding archway for genitals — has both flowers and then an slip with a honeycomb pattern, as if someone decided to make a Tunnel of Love specifically for horny bees. It’s WEIRD. But, yet again… it’s not the worst Rodarte I’ve ever seen. It turns out even lukewarm compliments really are still compliments.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]