I have questions about this press tour. Namely: I feel like she’s going VERY subdued this time around. Sure, yesterday’s Burberry dress was unsuccessful, but it was also rather quiet of color. Everything has been slightly washed out, or a bit generic, and overall the entire effect is a little more like she wants to blend in with the wall than in previous press junkets. She’s never been the kind of actor who shows up wearing a meat dress with her hair on fire — and thank god; we don’t need a million of those — but this Rogue One tour feels a little less zesty than, say, the press she did for The Theory of Everything (remember this AMAZING dress from last year’s Globes?) and given that this is a Fun Holiday Star Wars Movie, you think it would have veered kickier, if anything.

Stars Seen Outside Global Radio In London

She doesn’t look actively bad; none of this is a sin.  I just wonder why people make the choices they do; it’s a Space Opera. Why not look a little more space operatic? Is she concerned that people will forget she’s A Serious Actress? (They won’t; also, I’ve heard she’s excellent in the movie, so.) I JUST WANT TO KNOW.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]