… that, exactly 22 years ago today, there was an event called “The My VH-1 Music Awards,” billed as the first-ever fully interactive awards show where fans picked the categories and the winners? (You might not, because it only happened for two years, so obviously whatever they were doing didn’t ignite the public imagination. And Rolling Stone’s review of the first telecast was “somewhat undermined by gross production woes, lukewarm performances and the almighty Creed,” referring of course to the band in a pretty killer burn.)

… that Salma Hayek wore this completely sheer top to the aforementioned 2000 VH-1 My Music Awards? We flashed back to it — flashing pun partly intended — right at the beginning of Covid, just as a random dig into the archives, and I forgot it all over again until today. As Justin Timberlake once said, for what I’m positive is the absolute first time in recorded human history, what goes around really DOES come back around. I said in 2020 that she could re-wear that shirt today, and it’s true in 2022 also. She still SHOULD not, but she could.

… that Christina Aguilera showed up laced into the above ensemble? Granted, she wore a LOT of laces and ultra-low-rise back in this era, so even if you DID remember it probably blended together in your brain with about six other outfits.

… that something called “Butthead” accepted an award for “Best Booty Shake” on behalf of Ricky Martin?

Celebs At My VH1 Music Awards

How is it possible that a large foam anus-free crack attended an award show and it got CANCELLED? Or rather, how is it possible this didn’t happen first on MTV? Doesn’t this make you grateful for the gentle, subtle restraint of Marshmello and Deadmau5¬†and that one prolonged phase of Sia’s life?

… and that one member of No Doubt went full Borat before even Borat went full Borat?

Celebrities At My VH1 Music Awards

Gwen Stefani looks like one of the Village People here, Tony Kanal and Tom Dumont (I think) look like they’re just snazzy accountants, and then Adrian Young is up there dressed as the lead dancer in Satan’s Vegas revue. This man had to either find, or commission, testicular formalwear. The year 2000 was A TIME, people. Historians, MAKE NOTE.

[Photos: Vince Bucci/Newsmakers]