It may LOOK like Janice is merely sitting in the Big Brother house circa, say, season two, but this photo is from 1978 and it’s an advertisement. I tried to make myself guess for what. Sweaters? Calisthenics? Dandruff shampoo? Lip gloss? Some sort of general Macy’s campaign? No. None of those is correct. It is an ad… for Wamsutta sheets. THERE IS NO BED IN THIS PHOTO. Are we supposed to want her bedding because she looks well-rested? Did they cover the couch cushions with sheets? Did they crop OUT the sheets because they decided the sheets were boring? WHITHER THE SHEETS. If anything, I might have wanted to know about her sweater and its wine cardigan potential, but oh well, time travel still eludes us.

[Photo: Susan Wood/Getty Images]