After the events of Bella Thorne’s Lingerie Shirt, which went from day to night simply by her taking off the long-sleeve tee she had on underneath, I’m grateful for a composed look. She’s at the premiere of The Dirt, which is based on the ENORMOUSLY dishy and fascinating Motley Crue memoir, so it tracks that she’s trying to add a rocker edge with that eyeliner, even if it’s not the best. But the layered chains actually work quite well with that neckline, and the dress fits well and even flatters her. The “PUNK” shoes are on the nose, but in a way I will absolutely accept, because 2018 Fug Madness Champion Bella Thorne would have worn dental floss and stuck her tongue out all night. It would be churlish, then, to reject a shoe for being obvious.

However, Mod Sun is still… Mod Sun.

'The Dirt' film premiere, Arrivals, Pacific Cinerama Dome, Los Angeles, USA - 18 Mar 2019

It never fails that while I’m putting together my Fug Madness Round One posts, someone pops up who makes me think, “Oh my GOD, I forgot to investigate that person.” Mod Sun might be that person. Baggy leather pants are quite something. Also, his shirt is open too low AND appears to be translucent — pizza is for ALL — and I think his boots might be wearing tiny scuba masks. But, hey, they look happy to be there, so… wait, is that condensation forming on my glacier of a heart? Surely not.