Bonjour! We’ve got a lot of ground to cover today; Kate and the Queen went over to King’s College London to admire their new renovations, reveal a tiny plaque, talk to some people, and meet a robot. Then the Queen left and went home to catch up on Riverdale (I’m assuming), while Kate zipped over to the Foundling Museum (of which she is now patron, and where she gave a very nice speech about how art can enrich the lives of children). (It looks like a very interesting museum.) Meanwhile, across London, Harry and Meghan went to New Zealand’s embassy to sign the book of condolence for last week’s tragedy on behalf of the royal family, having been deputized to do so by the Queen because they were the ones most recently there.  We have much to cover, so let’s not waste any time.

I’m going to start with Kate, simply because she had the full day of engagements and I had started writing this post before I even saw on Twitter that Meghan and Harry had left the house.

Kate’s dress — which I quite like — is a bespoke Catherine Walker. I saw on Royal Twitter that it’s based on this coat/dress/coatdress, and while I like Kate’s version, I prefer the original, even if the original feels less like her and more like something you’d see on the beautiful but questionable antagonist in a PBS mini-series set at a glamorous magazine in 1950s London. The hat feels a bit like overkill, but I am 100% sure she’s only wearing it because the Queen is wearing a hat, and one of the reasons I am that confident is that Kate took it off after the Queen left and she went on to her next engagement of the day.

We have a LOT of video from this one. (Everyone sends their royals reporters out when the Queen AND Kate are going to be there!)

This looks like it was a very interesting outing, actually:

I love how the Queen is like UGH ANOTHER PLAQUE here:

We also have video of Harry and Meghan; she looks lovely. (Obviously, it’s not like she’s going to wear her purse on her head or something similarly insane when she’s going to sign a book of condolence.) It was nice of them to bring flowers, as well:

Obviously, this is not the huge takeaway with that one, but I continue to be envious of Meghan’s gorgeous penmanship.

PS: I also saw that Harry and Meghan attended the newest Tindall baby’s christening over the weekend, but none of our photo folks had the pics. FWIW, I like today’s coat better than the Christening Coat, but I am flat-obsessed with the Victoria Beckham bag she carried over the weekend. (It’s on sale at The Outnet! [It’s still….not cheap at all.])

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