Yes, the yellow lenses are startling on Lupita, but as horrors go I might rank them below the outfit here. It’s not a sleep-sapping night terror of an atrocity, but for some reason I feel like you should only wear a workmanlike blouse and billowy pants done in sparkly Barbie Fire Engine Pink if you are Dolly Parton’s mechanic.

Lupita Nyong'o Wears Pink Jumpsuit After Colbert Appearance

Okay but those are really alarming. What if all this hype around Us is so real that Lupita gets all the way to the next awards season? Will this be the first Oscars in history where a nominee wears vampire eyes? Can she Roy G Biv her way through every major ceremony? Sigh. The Oscars were only a couple weeks ago and I’m already planning for next year.