We cannot address Bella Thorne without acknowledging that she won Fug Madness for wearing Every So Many Unspeakables — enough that she didn’t just beat Halsey’s boob belt; she trounced it. That was only a year ago. It feels like five. Anyway, with that context, this is not so bad. At least she did NOT show up for a Meet and Greet in lace-up pants, or a see-through bodysuit threatening to rip her crotch in two — and, yes, one might think, “Oh, but if I am ever to meet or greet her, I WANT Classic Fug Madness Bella Thorne,” but I suspect she is better off the further away from that era she gets. However, she IS wearing… this. It does not look as though she is terribly invested in this Meet and Greet. It almost looks like she did not sleep before this Meet and Greet. I was concerned about the caliber of any and all meeting and greeting that may have taken place, but she did muster up some oomph for the photos inside, at least:

Bella Thorne meet and greet in Miami Beach

I still wish she’d worn intact pants. Those look like she tore them not to be artful, but because she climbed the wrong fence.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock, WENN]