You will remember this dress from the Diamond Jubilee (or maybe you won’t, but that’s why I’m here). At the time, I noted that it made me crave a tiramisu, and you know what? I stand by that. Here, that seems apt, since today is Prince Philip’s 93th birthday and what better time to wear dessert? I think this is one of those dresses that is prettier in close-up than it is from afar, though — everyone at the event keeps noting that it’s pink, but it doesn’t quite seem pink to me — and I must confess I think her hat looks a bit like a tortilla. (I liked the hat she wore with it originally better.)

PS: The royals are all over the place today; Kate also went to the Maritime Museum to let her hair blow in the wind next to a Hot Yachter (a hacht yachter?) the morning, and William (yesterday, but whatever) was paling around with Becks.

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