I have several items on the agenda here:

  • Ashlee and her husband Evan “Son of Diana” Ross have a new show on E! that appears to be Newlyweds-esque and I have a confession to make: I saw an ad for it while I was trying to watch Kristin Cavallari’s show (which is not good; it wants to be Vanderpump Rules and it IS NOT), and I laughed out loud at the aforementioned ad. I don’t know what to tell you. It just happened.
  • I was involved in a VERY passionate conversation on Facebook the other day about whether or not Ashlee’s hit song “La La” is better or worse than Paris Hilton’s hit song “Stars Are Blind.” I think it is both better, and that this question is wrong, because while “Stars Are Blind” is Paris’s best song, “La La” is NOT Ashlee’s best song, AT ALL. (Ashlee’s is obviously “Pieces of Me,” which is a legitimately good song, co-written by Kara DioGuardi who was, as you may recall, a judge on American Idol for a few seasons. It is ABSOLUTELY the best song ever written about Ryan Cabrera. Who is now, FYI, living with Avril Lavigne.) This entire agenda item was brought to you by 2004.
  • I would sincerely wear this entire outfit, and in fact once got really drunk at an open bar party and came home and bought that very purse on Gilt because Parenthood’s Joy Bryant told me everyone should have a crossbody bag to bring to parties because they make it easier for you to hold your drink and eat the passed apps if you don’t have to hold onto your purse. FYI: I don’t have Joy Bryant’s purse budget and I had to return the Chanel bag. DO NOT EVER GO ON GILT AFTER FOUR APEROL SPRITZES.
[Photo: Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com]