Look, I know that all people have to leave their apartments. I do. In some ways, down this analytical path madness lies. But Taylor, it’s worth noting, is never really photographed RETURNING to her apartment, which is another argument in favor of her having a heavy hand in the way she’s seen. Honestly, I don’t blame her. Give the paps a taste of what they want, and they are probably more apt to leave you alone later, because they know you’ll deliver for them anew another day. I buy that logic.

The other day, we noted her return to this setup of yore after an absence, and I didn’t pay close enough attention to what she was wearing because apparently it was FRAUGHT with double-meaning: On the two-year anniversary of the day Kim torched her on Snapshat and then called her a snake, the ensemble was snake- and jungle-themed down to the backpack and the custom Fausto Puglisi romper. Internet feuds never die, y’all, although one could make the argument that Taylor was doing it in good fun. I have no idea. I hope so? I love a good feud, but this kind of grudge seems exhausting, and like a battle Taylor is not going to win no matter how people feel about Kim. Because she and Kanye strike me as the kind of warriors who never give anyone the last word.

Anyhoo: Taylor seems to have calmed it down. This is enormously simple. It’s also heinous. She’s just off to her show, so whatever, girl, wear what makes you comfortable. But for someone who knew she’d be seen and may have arranged it thus, I cannot sign off on the choice of that shirt. It looks like she shopped the items that failed quality control at a school uniform store. That said, I am into the booties.

Taylor Swift leaving her apartment in New York

However, this whole affair is woeful. She’s like Emily Ratajkowski crossed with Rita Ora with a dash of being her own avatar on The Sims.

[Photos: WENN, InstarImages.com]