Suddenly, I am DESPERATE for Chicago to come to Los Angeles and for K Bell to play Roxie Hart, and she can wear this exact outfit for the final number, which I assume is the same in the stage show as it is in the movie, but I wouldn’t know given that it’s never come to Los Angeles, a fact I literally just made up and am yet still very angry about. (Also, it is a lie: It was here in 2005, and possibly ALSO in 2004, starring Patti LaBelle and Wayne Brady! Now I’m retroactively ENRAGED at 2005 me for not going to this, but I’m sure I was like, “whatever, I just saw the movie.” Apparently, it was also in LA in 1998, and I didn’t see that either, presumably because I was busy being a recent college graduate with no money for the theatre, but still. CONGRATS, ME, I PLAYED MESELF. [On the other hand, I just spent several minutes in a wormhole of the internet reading up on every play that’s ever been at every theatre in Los Angeles in my lifetime and that was fun. I also discovered, in this wormhole, that as a teen I saw the same dude play Marius in Les Mis AND Raoul in Phantom and honestly that makes a lot of sense.])

Where was I?  Ah, yes! K Bell. This is incredibly shuffle-ball-change-friendly, and I support that. I hope she went home after this and did a whole tap dance for Dax and the kids.

She had a busy weekend, as she also popped down to San Diego for Comic-Con’s The Good Place panel:

2018 San Diego Comic Con - The Good Place - Photocall

I think those shoes are from The Bad Place.

[Photos:  FayesVision/, Tony Forte/WENN]