Let me open this by noting that I’m glad OdlR removed the extraneous sleeves from this look before giving it to non-runway models; I also appreciate that it’s whimsical, and fun, and there’s something sort of on-theme about wearing what looks like a giant painting smock to something that’s promoting office supplies. Like, I don’t know. Maybe she’s painting her office! There is, on the other hand, something sort of Tee Hee I Slept Over And Now I’m Wearing HIS Shirt In a Commercial For Coffee about this dress that kind of makes me roll my eyes. I will note, however, that if I were a very rich pregnant lady, I would wear the shit out of this.

Hailee also came out over the weekend to Comic-Con to promote something other than Post-Its — and I do feel like I need to note here (har) that I LOVE Post-Its and use them constantly. If I were a celebrity, I would want to endorse office/school supplies on a constant basis. I love sticky notes. I love notebooks. I love pens. I love fancy paper clips. I love staplers! I love rules. I would be asking my agent on a regular basis if anyone from Office Max had called.

This is Prada:

'Bumblebee' film Photocall, Comic-Con International, San Diego, USA - 20 Jul 2018

I hate that extraneous belt-thing (or whatever it is), but the truth is that I love this. If I were wearing it to my Office Max commercial shoot, I’d probably wonder if the pants and the jacket together are too much, but also…is too much ever enough with this material? I want to reupholster my car in it.

[Photos: Marion Curtis/StarPix for Post-it Brand/REX/Shutterstock, Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock]