This was at the 1999 premiere of Any Given Sunday, a movie I have heard of but not seen, and thus I had no idea Cameron is in it until right this second. Perhaps Cameron forgot, too, and she was hanging out at home when Al Pacino called her and said, “HEY-O, Cammooooooo,” and she plotzed and yanked on a dress without losing the jeans first. I know I’ve never been a fan of the clunky dress over pants, but REALLY ESPECIALLY what is the point when the dress is almost as long as the pants?

It’s actually a really pretty frock, too. If you nixed the pants and the scarf, and served it up in June instead of December — and maybe traded the shoes for something gold with a slightly lower profile — we’d be in business. Instead, the shop is CLOSED.

[Photo: Shutterstock]