So, last night there was a gala in St. Tropez for the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation, and it was a pizza buffet. Most of the pictures aren’t available to us — boring blogger specifics; pour some out for this loss, though, because I would’ve dearly loved to show you a see-through Versace on Naomi Campbell, and Kate Hudson’s semi-sheer Versace-esque Julien Macdonald. Notably, the frequent Queen of Pizza, Chrissy Teigen — who even posted a photo the next morning of herself in front of a huge array of ACTUAL pizzas — went with something more full-coverage (the fact of which mildly pings the Uterine Secret radar, but not entirely, because it’s not like she spends her whole life in Sheers. It just felt like an event that would’ve played right into her hands that way), as did Marion Cotillard in a floral Erdem sheath. And, say hello to Leo’s Revenant beard. It is robust still.

ANYHOO, we do have photos of the worst offenders — Jessica Stam and Michelle Rodriguez — arriving alongside a classed-up Nina Dobrev, plus a few shots from celeb Instagrams to shed more light. On their nethers.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]