Here’s the thing: I generally like this outfit, even though the black bra is a bit much for me (Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly, you are not edgy and don’t need to try to be). But the first I saw of it was this photo, cropped here, and so it somehow conditioned me to expect the skirt to end at the knee or just above. And it doesn’t:

20th Annual Super Saturday To Benefit Ovarian Cancer

The thing is: Should it? I really like it either way, and there are plenty of situations where the long skirt would be great — say, as part of a full gown, or with a nicer casual shirt, or a Gap white button-down a la Sharon Stone back in the day. Something still chill, but crisper than tissue-thin Hanes. For a grassy daytime fundraiser in the Hamptons (I assume), though, I think full-length sequins feel like too much; I want it shorter and with a wedge or block-heeled sandal. Or am I insane to even THINK about touching it at all? Maybe her great bob is just giving me the itch to cut everything. GUIDE ME. Or, her, I guess.

[Photos: Backgrid]

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