Every time Kate wears this color, or one approximating it, I get a ton of PR emails that are like, “KATE WEARS HOT PINK. IS IT A GIRL?!?!” as if these two are the sort to give winking clues about the most personal parts of their lives to the press. The royals use clothing to speak for them often, but sometimes a pink coat is just a pink coat; last time I checked, pregnant women were still also wholly realized people with feelings and thoughts independent of the person they’re growing, and sometimes those thoughts may just be, “I feel like that bright pink one today.”  ANYWAY, long story short: I’m crabby, it might be a girl but we’re not gonna know until this baby decides to make its debut, and I always like this coat.

I also learned something just now, that is only tangentially related to her outfit and this day of engagements: I decided to look up the origins of the phrase “sent to Coventry,” which we don’t use (at least in the United States) anymore but which anyone who reads older novels, especially British/Canadian ones — although I think it’s also at least in Little Women? –knows means, essentially, to give someone the silent treatment and pretend they’re not alive if you’re mad at them.  ANYWAY, nobody knows where said terminology came from, but it turns out that Coventry also gave us Lady Godiva and therefore also the origins of the phrase “Peeping Tom.” Maybe she was so mad at Tom for looking at her that she gave him The Silent, you guys. DUH.

The Kensington Palace twitter didn’t cover ANY of that for some reason:

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