Good on these three. They have really shown up for their Heads Together mental health initiative, and this marathon. You can tell this is very important to them — it’s been a long campaign (one might say…it’s been a marathon), and they seem like they’ve been very committed to it. Moreover, it looks like everyone is having fun. It warms the old cold heart. SO much stuff from social media, in addition to what I’ve got up in the slideshow, so BEHOLD:

This is going to sound silly but WOW,  a lot of people are running this marathon! That’s one of those things you know intellectually, but seeing this sort of thing really confirms it:

This one really makes me laugh. I don’t want to spoil it, but it kind of has everything:

Harry made a lot of new friends with babies, and apparently met up with some old ones:

I might actually go for a run if I thought one of these three would pop up to give me a water:

There is dancing herein:

This is actually really neat — and quite an assembly line of tired, sweaty people! (I am so impressed by anyone who runs a marathon; y’all should be proud of yourselves.)

Harry, of course, put on a blazer for his Super Official Duties.

“Come on back to the house for a snack, you guys.”