If you’re counting, that’s one usual brand for Kate; one I’d NEVER have anticipated; and one I thought was just an adjective. Overall, Kate seems to be working a sort of Groovy Hot 70s Mom thing in India, and I am really responding to it. Colors! Patterns! New shapes! (Boring shoes, but such is life.) It’s a wonderful change (even if it’s not to your own personal tastes). And we’ve got a LOT to cover today. First, Wills and Kate met with some of Mumbai’s homeless and vulnerable kids at Salaam Baalak Trust (I really recommend reading that article about that charity; it’s short), then had lunch with the Prime Minister, Narenda Modi, before flying to their event at Kaziranga National Park, which LOOKS AMAZING, and where I believe they are staying. (I actually think they may be staying here, specifically, and it looks tremendous. Let’s all go!) Anyway, whilst there, they attended a celebration of the Assemese New Year, called Bohah Bihu (which Wiki told me actually falls on the 14th this year, so this must be Bohah Bihu Observed, unless I am misunderstanding, which is always possible), at which they appear to be having an amazing time, and which looks like a really memorable life moment.  At one of the events earlier in this tour, Wills gave a speech where he said that Kate told him, when they were just married, that India was the first place she wanted to visit and I think that might have been my response as well if my new royal spouse had asked me, “precious treasure, what is your dream state trip?” Kate’s life has a lot of drawbacks (like the intense scrutiny – note yesterday’s Wind Kerfuffle – and never getting to go anywhere with dirty hair), but getting to do a trip like this is amazing privilege and an unforgettable life experience.

In case you’ve missed any earlier dispatches from the road, you can read them all here.

(PS:  Given that I got kind of philosophical up there, this seems like as good a time as any to remind you — or let you know — that the paperback of The Royal We comes out two weeks from today! Pre-order it, and enjoy Nick, Bex, and Freddie before you know it.)

[Photos: Getty Images, Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire]