Let’s just take a moment for The Third Hemsworth. He is not in this movie, but he DID attend the premiere, and HOW did I not notice that he too is a dish best served always? He reminds me of Simon Baker back in his heyday. This gene pool seriously produced a neapolitan ice-cream box of hotness. You have hulking hunky Thor hot; teen-dream demi-himbo hot; and then now, the “I’ve Got Very Piercing Eyes And I’m Probably a Very Competent Trial Lawyer Despite My Unconventional Methods But Just Go With It Because My Impish Charm Will Totally Knock Off Your Pants Soon” kind of hot. Have The Parents Hemsworth been knighted yet for excellence in breeding? I realize Australia doesn’t tend to knight people, but surely exceptions can be made.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]