And we’re off! It’s only the first day, and we’ve already got patterns, and sunglasses, and sports, and gowns, and I am delighted to report that I love all these dresses. It’s all very auspicious. (Housekeeping note: I might have another post from today go up tonight, in case more good photos come in after I get back from our event at the Festival of Books this afternoon, like of the back of Kate’s updo. Stay tuned, but rest assured, we’ve got all of today’s major events covered, and will, of course, be back tomorrow.)

We’ve also got video of W&K’s arrival at tonight’s Bollywood charity gala, and let me just say that these two look REALLY perky and chipper, especially for people who took a red eye to Mumbai and then had a full day of sports:

I’m exhausted and it’s just because I got up at dawn on a Sunday to write this. (I mean, I am definitely a hero. But still.) That said, they never look happier or more relaxed than when they are out of the country, and so far, this trip is no exception. Personally, I am already finding this look at India, and the salutes to local designers and artists, totally fascinating, and it’s only day one. I’ve always wanted to visit; I do not think this trip is going to puncture my wanderlust. Shall we get right into it?

PS: Thanks to the brilliant overnight work at What Kate Wore for the designer credits; as ever, the tour coverage there is stellar.

[Photos: Getty Images,  PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP/Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images]