Okay! I have been trying to figure out how best to cover this trip logistically, given that I need to be able to sleep (or so I have been informed by medical professionals). I’m going to break today’s events — of which there are several — into two posts. My plan was to bring you first this one, our Traditional Middle of the Night Wills & Kate Tour Update Post, and then, after they got onto a plane to fly to New Delhi, I was going to head off to bed. However, the pictures are taking FOREVER to come in from this event, so I’m going to leave you with this, as an appetizer:

Later today — like, when the sun comes back up again —  I’m going to cover the REST of today’s events, and finagle some proper pics of this particular dress from more angles, and in high res, so make sure to pop back later. I LOVED everything Kate wore yesterday, but so far today…I have major concerns. For example: Boob flaps. They’re rarely a good idea. On the other hand, we’ve also got a (slightly) colorful shoe, finally. Everything in life is a trade-off, apparently. It’s so unfair.

PS: Shout-out to Wills’s skinnier trousers. I approve.

PPS: All the posts from this tour will live here, as well. Just in case you need them in one handy spot; I don’t know your life!