First off: Dear Southern California! A reminder that we are at the Festival of Books this weekend, and tickets for our panel are now available! (They are but $1.) We’re Conversation #2134, Sunday April 10th at 3pm, and it is INSIDE, in case this predicted rain does come. If you can’t make it Sunday, we’ll also be signing books Saturday, April 9th, at 2pm at the Mysterious Galaxy booth. Come say hello!


– At Texas Monthly, this is a beautifully written, sobering, and at times immensely sad article about a survivor of the 1966 mass shooting at UT. I cried reading it. (There is sound, so — in addition to the fact that you may well cry — be forewarned if you are at work.)

– Vulture’s coverage of The People vs OJ Simpson has been excellent. This week, they wrapped with with this very interesting interview with Marcia Clark, and a fascinating chat with one of the jurors.

The Hollywood Reporter investigates who’s making money from Hamilton, and how much. (A LOT)

– Speaking of Hamilton — and when aren’t we? — you have got to see these three little boys perform “The Schuyler Sisters.” The kid playing Angelica in particular is A STAR.

– And Lin-Manuel Miranda talking about books with the New York Times is wonderful.

– At Harper’s Bazaar, 50 Ways to Wear a Stripe Shirt. Tell me MORE.

GQ examines how celebs get paid for doing stuff like just showing up at a club.

– Interesting, at Smithsonian: When the British Wanted to Camouflage Their Warships, They Made Them Dazzle

– Oh no. Kiefer made a country album and the video is…a thing that happened. (Rolling Stone)

– Flavorwire attempts to name the best period dramas of the last 30 years. I disagree with some of the writer’s takes on various things — I like Merchant Ivory more, for one thing — but it’s a good, juicy list.

–Did you know Katherine Heigl has launched a lifestyle blog? It’s true. (Lainey)

– Over at Pajiba, Aisha Tyler continues to be great.

– At Saveur: Meet the Cookbook Collector Who’s Been Saving American Culinary History for 50 Years

– This is at the Daily Mail so BUYER BEWARE but it’s a hoot. Let me just give you the Mail’s own hysterical headline (hysteria in the truest sense): Parsley, garlic and bruschetta are banned, don’t use your cell phone and you can’t sit next to the same person two years-in-a-row: Anna Wintour’s top secret rules for the Met Gala revealed in a new documentary.

– I appreciate this wine cardigan over at Wit and Whimsy.

– At Celebitchy, this might be my fave headline of the week: Emilia Clarke on why Jason Momoa never showed his bits: ‘It’s too fabulous’

The girls at The New Potato made a video about online dating that has a cameo I think you will appreciate. I would also totally let Hoda be in charge of my love life. Hoda in Charge is, in fact, a show I would totally watch:

And, here at GFY, ICYMI, some highlights of the week: