Um. Harry hauling wood in a tee shirt to build houses for people makes me…feel things. This edition of Royals Round-Up has a lot of forearms.

Also here at GFY, in case you missed it, Wills & Kate hosted a cocktail reception at Kensington Palace ahead of their trip to India and Bhutan, which kicks off on Sunday and which promises to be very photogenic.

And elsewhere of interest:

– This is  a really great piece in The Guardian about the way the Queen dresses, tied to a new exhibit of her clothing through the years (which, actually, I think Heather and I will get to see when we’re in Scotland this month, so expect a full report!).

– In The Telegraph, they’re also revamping bits of Windsor Castle in the upcoming year. We’re also going to be THERE this month, but nothing will have happened yet. We’ll make mental notes. They appear to be putting in a cafe in this room that they discovered after the fire, that we got to see when we were there researching The Royal We. Always good to be able to sell people crisps on site.

– Norway’s royals — who are in this week’s slideshow! — are in a bit of hot water over their spending habits. (Factually Royal)

– This is fun, at The Court Jeweller: Jewel History: Robes and Jewels of Titled American Women (1911)

– And this is fascinating, over at Order of Splendor: There’s a goat on this tiara.

People is prepping for the India and Bhutan tour by telling us What’s Inside Princess Kate’s Suitcase for India (and Why It Likely Includes a Kira) AND who all’s in their entourage for the trip. You KNOW I love royal logistics.

– BEHOLD this coat:

– And, finally, this is a TBT, but I never want to miss an opportunity to note that Queen Rania’s skirt game is STRONG: