First up, a bit of housekeeping: Wills and Kate actually had a surprise event yesterday, but I’m rolling it into coverage of today’s jaunt to Wales, because yesterday was The Day After The Met Gala, and ergo Heather and I just did not have time to deal with them, even if Kate did wear a glorious new Breton-striped sweater (very similar to all her other Bretons; rumor has it it’s British brand Arket) and cute new sailor pants, similar to her other sailor pants, and a very sassy red bag. She was, I thought, particularly well accessorized on Tuesday; is Natasha Archer back in the office?

ANYWAY: Tuesday, we also found out that Wills and Kate are going to be hosting some kind of fancy charity boat race on the Isle of Wight in August, which obviously is right up their street, as they are consistently attempting to race each other when they go on tours, and these things are always fun because they regularly end in some kind of eye-banging shenanigans on a dock.

Other stuff we’ve learned lately: They’re excited for Harry and Meghan:

Aren’t we all!

ON TO TODAY’S EVENTS: They are in Wales flapping about with the Coast Guard, and popping over to Anglesey, and visiting with some of the folks Wills worked with when he was with the RAF up there. (Does one go up to Wales? It seems technically that it’s more over from London but I always to know the local nomenclature.) Outfit-wise, today Kate’s in a total rewear, which I suspect is because she didn’t want to even approach a situation where it might feel like she was trying to do anything to take away from The Debut of Baby Sussex. (Not that a new dress could ever overshadow a whole new person, but you know what I mean. Why give anyone anything to say about anything?)

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