This Vanessa Seward dress is very on-the-nose for a Christmas party. Additionally: Kate wears this belt all the time, and I never like it. I hope someone gets Kate a new belt for Christmas. Make a note, Wills. Do it for me.

For additional discussion, if you so desire — and since I suspect a lot of people will be in an anticipatory eggnog coma come Friday’s Royals Round-Up — is the new intel that not only are Wills and Kate spending Christmas Day with her parents rather than Her Majesty (which I personally don’t think is a big deal; they’ve been married five years and only done that once before) but are ALSO skipping the Boxing Day festivities with The Firm, which I do think is sort of surprising. (There’s a rumor that Harry is ALSO skipping Christmas at Sandringham, but I REALLY don’t know if I buy that, and if that’s true, then Something Is Definitely Up.) (Also: The Express, which broke the aforementioned gossip, is getting VERY SNARKY about all of this.) ALSO apparently Harry went boar-hunting with this dude after popping over to Toronto to visit Meghan on the way home from the Caribbean, in case you’re keeping track of his whereabouts at all times.

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