It’s not that this is terrible; more that “not terrible” feels like exactly what Michelle and Busy Philipps probably said when they picked this off an LV rack full of more underwhelming (less whelming?) options. Actually, given that Michelle almost exclusively wears Vuitton, I imagine she has a room in her house dedicated to a rotating and frequently replenished supply of garments from them, with its own back door and a delivery person who has the four-digit code to enter, swap, and leave without interrupting Matilda’s homework.

Anyway, the point is, it’s a compromise kind of dress. There are nice qualities, but she’ll forget she ever wore it in a week’s time. And honestly, it also reads like she’s modeling someone’s Shark Tank pitch, wherein you buy one sparkly sheath and pop it on over any existing outfit you have to give it some instant sparkle. It would be called… hmm. Instaglam? Slip It On? Something with a whiff of the fromage about it so that Lori Greiner throws some cash at it and puts it on QVC.

[Photo: Getty]