When I first pulled this photo for the comparison, I was sure these were shorts.

Now, I’m not so sure. What once seemed like shorts that caught up in the middle now looks awfully like a skirt. In which case, it seems to be a skirt that was designed for very fancy gynecological appointments, given that its life’s goal is apparently to showcase a woman’s jewel of the Nile. The top part is VERY Chanel — we’ve seen something like it already — but my God, Karl, are they called The Legslys? Because I can’t imagine anyone else wanting to set foot, or rather crotch, in that. I mean, if she walks, she’s a skin flick. If she sits down, she’s having sex with whatever she’s sitting on. Bad idea.

This comparison won’t hold up as well now that it’s not for sure Formal Shorts vs Formal Shorts. But let’s play anyway.

Who knows, maybe THAT’S a skirt also. But whatever it is, it’s a lot less freaky than what Boobs has on, and I like the retro sweater and jacket with it. This styling looks a whole lot more like the effortless chicness that I always notice and admire in many Parisians, rather than the DO YOU SEE HOW HARD I AM WEARING THESE FANCY CLOTHES?!?!?! aesthetic of Madame Legsly and her tools of the trade. So for me, even though formal shorts are usually at the bottom of my list, I’ve got to vote with La Bilson. Even — maybe especially — if Boobs’ is a skirt.

But what would you do?

  • Team Bilson (69%, 8,694 Votes)
  • Team Boobs (10%, 1,309 Votes)
  • Team Neither (16%, 1,975 Votes)
  • Team Karl! (5%, 660 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,638

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